Art Every Day Month – First 9 Days


I’ve been having fun with my little Art Every Day Month 3″x3″ sketch book. I love how the pages are already getting warped and wrinkled. The journal traveled with me to Mexico and I doodled every day I was there. Here are some of my pages from the past week or so.


When we arrived in Playa del Carmen it was hot and muggy and the air conditioner in our room was on the fritz. Thank goodness it got fixed!


I enjoyed a nice yoga class at Yoga by the Way.


I was determined to spend at least some time on the beach, but it was just not meant to be. There was a tiny opening of sunshine while we ate lunch, but by the time we finished up and got our gear ready, the wind was blowing so hard that sand got in our eyes the moment we stepped foot on the shore. Good thing I was able to fit in another yoga class, though!


After a long day of travel, I was glad to be back home. I almost forgot about my art for the day, so I did this quick drawing of our house before I went to bed. There are details missing (like a whole other window and part of my front porch – oops!), but I just have to remember from intuitive painting classes that it’s not about the product, it’s about the process.


You know how when you have a ton of work to do, the closets and fridge suddenly seem to require reorganization pronto? Well, I spent most of Sunday purging and cleaning. It felt good, though, to clear the clutter.


Here’s an abstract painting I did last night. I just let the colors go wherever they wanted.  It kind of looks like there are some eerie dark hands covering up a mouth or a heart.

I’m really loving the structure of my little journal for this year’s Art Every Day Month challenge and may even continue to do daily doodles even when November ends. It only takes a few minutes for me to whip out a little scribble or painting, so there’s really no excuse, right? Plus it’s fun to chronicle my days through art.

13 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month – First 9 Days”

  1. I love it!!! I wish I had another “Cute As A Cupcake” award laying around…because this sketch book is oh so ever deserving!!!

    Peace & Love.

  2. fab pages jenn! i’m a huge fan of this approach. in taking it bit by bit, the process doesn’t seem so daunting and it often winds up being much more pleasurable. your pics to mexico look wonderful, too! glad you had a good trip!

  3. I agree – these are fantastic! I hope you will continue with them beyond this month. I am up to day 133 of a daily self portrait (photo) and I am amazed to look back on this record of my life. The days where I just snapped a quick photo are the images that really seem to capture the essence of my life best.

    I love your handwriting too!

  4. What a wonderful little book! I love your work in it. Thanks for sharing. Now, I want to go get a little book. My work wouldn’t be this nice, but I think it would be fun.

  5. “It kind of looks like there are some eerie dark hands covering up a mouth or a heart.”

    That’s exactly what I thought when I first saw it. Very eerie almost physical. Who knew a 3 x 3 picture seen online could have that effect? Great job, thanks for sharing.

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