Art Every Day Month 2009 Begins


The first day of November marks the beginning of the Art Every Day Month challenge. My pal Leah Piken Kolidas started this online challenge seven years ago and now more than 190 have joined this creative community! I’ve been participating for the past two years. I love the structure and accountability and enjoy connecting with so many kindred spirits.

This year I’m taking it easy on myself and trying something a little different. I intend to make art every day, but won’t be posting daily. I plan to use this tiny 3″x3″ book that I picked up while I was at the Squam Art Fair with Leah, Melba and Mindy back in September. When I saw this adorable mini journal, I figured it would be the perfect companion to invite in a little creating each day. Nothing big or time-consuming. Just a quick doodle.

Since I’m juggling a lot this month, my challenge will simply be to stay committed to my small creative practice. Through my intuitive painting training I’m learning to let go of the outcome and just be with the process, so I look forward to seeing what unfolds this year!

Oh and if you’re wanting a little extra guidance during the challenge, this year Leah put together an Art Every Day Month Survival Guide which looks really awesome!

15 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month 2009 Begins”

  1. What a great idea…love your doodle as well! I think it’s fantastic that everyone is making AEDM their own little challenge…whatever they need specifically. It’s fantastic!

  2. Hi Jennifer its good to connect again,

    I am doodling too and I am going to use AEDM to reacqaint myself with the tarot.

    Its funny you mention intuitive painting because although I am art trained I tend to paint more intuitively without a particular theme, which ties in with the AEDM process.

    I just wish i had a small book like you *smiles*

  3. What a great idea, your little AEDM journal.

    What I’ve discovered about projects, especially projects that seem overwhelming, is that if you narrow the constraints, you can get everything done without the overwhelm.

    It helps to think about how much time you have to pull it all together, and then plan your projects according to the time… rather than dreaming about the PERFECT I’ve-always-wanted-to-paint-the-Cistine-Chapel masterpiece project. Shrink it down, and move forward, allow a success. Have fun.

    Small time for AEDM? Small drawings. Perfect. I will take the lesson.

  4. Hey Sistalove Jenn! I love your idea of having a small journal. I am gonna do the same thing for AEDM. I love Leah’s art challenge. It was very grounding for me last year. I decided to do it this year to help me have more fun and play while I manage my online book party events, book release, and daily living with grace. I am gonna have FUN! I will check back in with you and your AEDM posts. Thanks for the inspiration! Much love and art!

  5. There is so much value in having a small creative practice. A committed, intentional, not overly large or outrageous one, but a soulful, devoted practice.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    I look forward to getting to know you better this month through Art Every Day, however often you appear, I will be grateful.

  6. Hi, Jennifer
    time to delurk. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while and wanted to thank you for pointing me in the direction of AEDM! I hadn’t heard of it before, but it just so perfectly fits with what I am looking for, namely a way to sustain creative practice over the busy season.
    I love your little journal, such a smart and cute idea!

  7. yes, thank you for this great idea of going smaller! I had just found about about AEDM yesterday and my first instinct was to leap on board … then my mind kicked in and I decided to wait a day or so to see if I still feel called to do this. I have tended in the past 6 months to sign up for many many things which have been fabulous, but also great lessons for to in learning to go gently with myself and drop the extra pressure. But still, some weeks I have been a little overwhelmed by all my “extracurricular” activities.

    But now I am thinking “ooh, I have a little journal I could doodle in for the month.”

    I think I am about to leap again …

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