I get to be a Squammie again!

Yay! I got my Squam Art Workshops confirmation today. I had such a great time last fall and I’m really looking forward to returning in September (it seems so far away!). Thrilled that my friend, the lovely Kimberly Wilson, will be there, too.

I’m a sucker for boxes, so I signed up for Art & Spirit Boxes. It looks like fun! I also adore hand-lettering, so I signed-up for that, as well. In addition to art and creativity, I appreciate that there are some self-care focused workshops, too.  I’m stoked that I will also be doing a yoga class with Michelle Madden Smith. I enjoyed her free class during the last retreat and am looking forward to a yummy, spirit-filled practice. And I’ll be taking Jen Lee’s course Care & Keeping which sounds like another juicy opportunity to tend to my creative spirit.

I’d love to hear if you’re going, too. One of the fun things was getting to meet fellow creative bloggers in person. And if you’ve been thinking about going… do it! 🙂

4 thoughts on “I get to be a Squammie again!”

  1. this is something so on my wish list.
    I want to. I am believing I can.. Money is always the thing that stops me in my tracks.. I am believing. xo

  2. I so love hearing about your process and passions. I find you very inspiring, and i love that i get to hear about soo many cool things on your blog.

    …I wish i lived in the US so i could do some of the great courses you blo about.

    Magda 🙂

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