A Decade in Review

After completing my 2010 year-in-review exploding box, I also did an illustrated reflection on the past decade since so many significant things took place in the last 10 years. (Technically I drew 11 years, but it made sense for me to capture it this way and besides numbers are not my strong suit – haha!)

I moved up to San Francisco in 1998 and that really helped pave the way for some transformative decisions and events. When I look back on the first half of the decade a lot of it was about laying the foundation in my personal life – getting married (Brian and I had already been together seven years before we tied the knot), buying our house, and also embarking on my personal growth journey. I also focused intently on climbing the corporate ladder, even though I ultimately knew I wanted to do something else.

Getting coached, coaching other people, and participating in a leadership program  helped me to clarify my vision for the next half of the decade.

It was much easier to remember what happened from 2006 (that’s when I started this blog) since that’s when I took the leap from my corporate job to working for myself. In the second half of the decade, I gave myself permission to live my life in much more alignment with my values and passions. So many exciting and fulfilling things have unfolded since then. And I can’t wait for all of the amazing things to come in the new year and new decade.

Wishing you a fabulous 2011!!

5 thoughts on “A Decade in Review”

  1. You’ve inspired me to spend the first day of 2011 sifting and sorting through this past decade with images! Your artwork feels joyful and playful to me – affirming my need to work through stuff visually for it to sink in, crystalize into some kind of actionable clarity – while enjoying myself! Thank you for sharing your passion and vision – and the path you’ve taken!

  2. You have had an amazing decade. Such transformations! I love your illustrations — what a fun way to remember the highlights. Have a happy and healthy year!

  3. Jennifer,

    This is so inspiring to read! Congratulations on your decade, WOW.

    I have put doing art projects on a weekly basis as my top new years goal, and am really excited by this.

    I also plan on taking one of your upcoming classes, so keep me posted.


    Kara Sorensen

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