Art Every Day Month – Days 27-30


Today’s the last day of the Art Every Day Month challenge. The month just flew by! I’ll do a recap of what I learned in another post this week. For now, here are the latest sketches from my itty bitty art journal.

Brian and I watched Yes Man on Netflix the other night. I definitely believe in the power of a consciously chosen YES! This yes deserved some glitter.


I took my first Shimmy Pop class at Hipline with the ultra fabulous Heather Meyer. With colorful scarves adorning our hips and diva sass in our step, the class shimmied off those extra helpings of Thanksgiving stuffing and cranberry sauce. Even if I couldn’t get all the moves down, I still felt like I was in a music video!


Last night I tidied up my craft area. It felt good to toss a bunch of pens that didn’t work anymore and to create space for some of my favorite new supplies. I find it funny that many of my AEDM sketches were about me cleaning up my house. I’m really not that OCD! (Well, um, maybe I am.)


And for the final day, I drew myself a little award for sticking it through the whole month. Congrats to all the other Art Every Day Month participants, too! And thanks again to our wonderful hostess, Leah!

7 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month – Days 27-30”

  1. yay! i love way you did these drawings for AEDM, Jenn. They’re all so sweet and so YOU! and of course, i love your award to yourself. love it! love you, girl!

  2. Hi Jenn! YEAH for shimmy pop classes, being organized, and completing 30 days of AEDM. WOW. Your idea of a little art book really did wonders for me. I have now made crayons, magic markers, glue sticks, and my scratch pad an essential part of my purse. Now I need to find a great little case for them.
    Thanks for being on this journey with all of us. Peace, Creativity, and Joy, Ananda

  3. outstanding award – congrats on making it the 30 days – love your other drawings as well – definitely a milestone to celebrate~!~

  4. I love your 3×3 journal and all of the creative pages you did! Congrats on making it through. I love it that you actually used pomegrante juice on your page and the “cosmic moustache” had such wonderful colors. Every page was so fun to look at.
    This was my first time doing AEDM. I am doing the necklace project, also.

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