Art Every Day Month – Days 21-26


More little sketches from my Art Every Day month 3″x3″ journal. After Emmett’s naughty garbage escapades, we finally fixed the latch to the broom closet where we keep the trash can. I’m happy to report there have been no more incidents!


My hubby was a good sport and went to see New Moon with me last weekend. Go team Edward!


I’ve been having fun just playing with colors.


I love pomegranates. They’re so tasty and the color is simply gorgeous. I used some pomegranate juice on this page.


Another quick adventure with colors.


I ran out of room on my little page to list all the things I’m grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

6 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month – Days 21-26”

  1. Your first drawing totally made me laugh!! I know the feeling all too well!! Nyla has been known to do a little garbage diving herself!!! And ooooohhh–I love pomegranates a ton as well. They grow all over the place around here in AZ–do they in CA by you too? Months ago I picked a few and took them to school—I was so shocked how very few kiddos knew what they were–and they ended up loving them!! I love cutting them open…it’s like finding a treasure chest of rubies!!!

    Hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving!!!

    Lots of Love.

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