Right-Brain Business Plan Workshop

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in the 4th quarter of the year!  Are you and your business ready for 2010? Get a head start at the Right-Brain Business Plan Workshop on Sunday, November 15th in Oakland from 10am-4:30pm.

At this fun and engaging workshop you’ll:

  • Clarify your business vision
  • Paint the picture of your business landscape
  • Create your marketing plan
  • Develop your financial plan
  • Identify the action steps needed to bring your plan to life
  • Craft a visual business plan for your entrepreneurial success

This workshop is perfect for you if:

  • You’re a creative entrepreneur, artist, health and wellness professional, educator, coach, designer, freelancer, writer, photographer, non-profit leader or all-around creative soul wanting to make a positive impact with your entrepreneurial endeavors
  • You hate the idea of writing a business plan, but you know you need one
  • Numbers numb you out

What past participants had to say:

“Your cheerful, optimistic and generous attitude really lifted my spirits and got me going into action mode. I felt I gained so much practical information as well as inspiration from the course. Having a visual reminder of my goals is really helping to keep me focused on achieving my goals for the year!” — Michelle Casey, Professional Artist

“The workshop presented a fabulous tool for accessing the non-linear wisdom and creativity that only your right brain has, and using this brilliance to fuel your entrepreneurial aspirations. If your business needs some creative fire, check it out!” — Laura Parker, MFT, Creativity-Centered Therapy and Coaching (her Right-Brain Business Plan is in the photo below)

Find out more and register here (Early-bird special ends on November 1st).

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