Dreaming Big in D.C.


I’m loving my visit to Washington D.C. so far!  Today was filled with dreamy and inspiring adventures.


I kicked the day off with yoga at Kimberly Wilson‘s gorgeous studio Tranquil Space.  The class was challenging and grounding.  Just what I needed to decompress from all the travel.  I love the quote on the wall of the yoga room.  The studio is brimming with so many beautiful details like the gold stars on the floor…


And a yummy selection of tea.  I could’ve stayed in the studio the whole afternoon browsing the book shelves and admiring all the TranquiliT wear!

Later on in the day, I met up with a friend that I hadn’t seen in more than 15 years (gotta love Facebook for that!).  She’s doing really awesome and inspiring work with animals and I really enjoyed catching up with her.  I’m so glad that we reconnected!!


In the evening, I went over to Kimberly’s pink palace to lead my Dream Box workshop with a group of wonderfully creative women.  It was so cool to meet a bunch of people in person for the first time and also to see some familiar faces from Kimberly’s March yoga retreat.  There’s Tiffany at the left, Kimberly, Chai, Ana, Lauren and Sharon.


Here’s Sharon with her twin sister Sherry.  They both have the most endearing laugh.


Hope brought some of her Paper Relics goodies which the girls just ate up!  Next to her is the Danielle who took my Right-Brain Business Plan teleclass earlier this year, so it was cool to meet her in person.  And next to her is Lauren who made the super cool mobile Right-Brain Business Plan.


Kimberly’s cat Bonnard was hilarious.  He got cozy on the magazines and stared us down as we crafted and collaged.


Aren’t these dream boxes lovely?  One of my favorite things is seeing how unique and beautiful each person’s boxes and dreams are.


Here’s another dream box.  On the inside of the lid behind the window she collaged a garden.  What a great idea!


And here I am kickin’ it with Kimberly after my huge post-workshop TranquiliT shopping spree!  Thank you Kimberly for being a wonderful workshop host and a big inspiration.  I’m looking forward to another amazing day in D.C. tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Dreaming Big in D.C.”

  1. WOW. I’m glad you all had a great time. It was great having dinner with you tonight and walking around the neighborhood. May your session tomorrow be filled with wonder and positive energy for all. Travel safely.

  2. I love Kimberly and tranquil space! I used to live in DC and was totally inspired by her. Also love the pic of the big glass jars of herbal teas … I wish I had room to do a setup like that in my house! 😉

  3. organic peppermint – yum! lovely dreamboxes, too – love the idea of a collaged garden. a lot less hard work than the real garden!

  4. It was wonderful meeting you Jenn! Thank you for the class, the inspiration, and creating a safe space to share.

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