Secret #11: Subtracting Serenity Stealers

Breath, Spaciousness, Groundedness
Values card for: Breath, Spaciousness, Groundedness

It’s tax time and my husband spent an hour rummaging through our storage crawl space to help me track down a statement from almost nine years ago for our accountant.  Clutter and disorganization definitely bring me down and today’s antics were such a reminder of that!

What I realized in reading this week’s chapter of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women is some of the same things that are strengths in my creative process can also be serenity stealers.  For example, when I’m in the frenzy of my creative flow, I have piles of papers all around me, books and magazines stacked left and right, pens and post-its galore.  I have to be surrounded by my inspiration and all my iterations.  However, the physical chaos can be quite an energy drain, especially when I’m winding down on a project.

Related to that, during these creative spurts, I tend to have light-bulb moments in the evening and then stay up until the wee hours of the morning to get it all out of my head.  I seem to work better at night when I have to come up with new material or sort through ideas.  The serenity stealer though is lack of sleep.  And I’m definitely one who needs lots of shut-eye.

Part of my lesson is accepting that this is how I create and to build in recovery time for myself.  I’m pretty good about protecting my schedule because I know I can get overwhelmed very easily.  Also, as a Highly Sensitve Person, I know I need to make sure I have lots of quiet, peaceful time by myself.  That’s why I’m so avid about my self-care Fridays!

Some other steps I’m going to take in the coming months include organizing the storage in our garage to make better use of the space and de-cluttering our home office and my art supplies.

Ahh, I feel better just thinking about the spaciousness and serenity that will bring!  Now, off to bed to get some rest!

10 thoughts on “Secret #11: Subtracting Serenity Stealers”

  1. I wonder if purging and decluttering is part of the practice of nonattachment? It does feel good, if not at the beginning of decluttering, then at the end when you can feel the lightness and there is an opening for possibility.

  2. I am highly sensitive to some things as well. I find clutter and noise two triggers that threaten my serenity.

    It’s great to be aware of that, and take steps to help ones self. Rest well 🙂

  3. I relate to all of your thoughts in this post. Taking time to clean in the midst of the creative whirlwind is so helpful in keeping a sense of serenity. I too need a dose of solitude each day. I love your collage it truly captures that sense of serenity.

  4. I’m also highly sensitive and proud of it because we are the ones that can sense the more subtle energies that others cannot pick up on.

  5. It’s great that you are able to find balance between fostering your creativity while also taking care of yourself. This is so important, otherwise, you just burn out. Bravo to you for taking these steps and encouraging others to do so as well!

  6. i relate to your post very well.the scene on my table when i’m designing is similar and i too sit up late nights.i have to finish the designs when the ideas are fresh on mind.very true,sleep is the first to get affected.what do you do on self care fridays?would love to know more about it .

  7. What a great way of recognizing your process. I’m struck by how our energetic rhythms express themselves in our space as well. You’re inspiring me to book in that restorative time!

  8. My work has been hectic and crazy lately! I keep revisiting this post just to see the picture of your values card (Breath, Spaciousness, Groundedness). Thank you.

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