Secret #10 Abundance and Positive Priorities


We’re on week 10 of Jamie Ridler’s Next Chapter book blogging group and this week’s secret is Living in Abundance with Positive Priorities.  This is probably one of my favorite chapters of The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women because Gail McMeekin encourages us to relish in doing what we love and who wouldn’t love that?!  And my theme for this year is “abundance, ease and organic growth” so it fits right in!

Gail defines Positive Priorities as “life choices that express who we are and what we want for ourselves.”  One of the most important decisions I made to honor my positive priorities was quitting my corporate job.  At the time I thought I was quite prosperous with my six-figure salary and my never-ending wardrobe thanks to my 50% clothing discount.  I was actually fooling myself with material things.  I feel more even more prosperous and abundant now because I’m spending my time in ways that are meaningful and enriching to me.

Some of the ways I’ve been practicing my positive priorities include:

  • Participating in a weekly intuitive painting class with the delightful Chris Zydel.  Yes, it takes a big chunk of my morning AND I know it’s exactly where I need to be giving my creative spirit breathing room.
  • Doing some food craving sessions with the wonderful Kara Sorensen to combat my life-long obsession with sugar (Girl Scout cookie season was definitely an impetus for this!)
  • Going to yoga classes at least three times a week (five times when I’m feeling really good!)
  • Scheduling my housecleaner to come once a month (I’ve learned that it’s so worth the investment so that I can focus on doing what I love and not scrubbing the toilet).
  • Treating myself to a massage every once in awhile.  I had one on Friday and it was heaven.

Gail also encourages us to tap into the power of gratiude.  An attitude of gratitude is so key to prosperity!  Here are a couple of gratitude resources:

All of these goodies defintely get my creative juices flowing.  What are your positive priorities and how do you practice abundance?

6 thoughts on “Secret #10 Abundance and Positive Priorities”

  1. I too loved this chapter. There are so many great exercises in it. It sounds like you are on a very good path – one that is authentically *YOU*

    I love hearing about people tuning into their Self and trusting what they hear.

  2. I didn’t realize you said adios to a 6-figure job with a wardrobe discount. What courage…or insight. And how inspirational! I really admire that.

    Thanks for mentioning gratitude in your post. It’s such key ingredient to living a meaningful life!

    Keep on keeping on.

  3. Hi Jen,

    Hi Jen,

    Oh my goodness! Did you take that photo of the paints and crayons at the studio?? That is just so cool. And thanks for mentioning me and my class in your post! And I am so very, very happy to hear that you are taking such good care of yourself!!

    I loved your story about how you had the courage to make the shift from material abundance to spiritual and creative abundance and how satisfying that really is. You are such a wonderful role model and inspiration for other people who are contemplating that choice.

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    I always look forward to your blog posts as they are so insightful and inspiring. I want to extend a BIG APPRECIATION to you for alway sharing of so many wondrous resources!!!

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