What Do You Love?


Photo by Kate Prentiss, kissthepaper.com

On Tuesday, my friend Kate “love bombed” me.  She left a bundle of cheerful cherry blossom branches and a handmade Valentine’s card on my front porch.  You can see more of her “love bombs” like the one above on her Kiss the Paper post this week.  I love getting surprise handmade gifts like that (see #46 below)!

In my newsletter this month, I shared a story about creating a list of 100 things that you love.  This is a great way to look for the good in your life, to indulge in what brings you joy and to create positive change.  Your list can include what you love about you, the people and world around you, your favorite things to do or just simple pleasures that bring a smile to your face.

Here’s my list of what I love:

  1. My husband, Brian
  2. Snuggling with our dog Emmett
  3. Being creative
  4. My work – I am doing what I love
  5. My lifestyle – I get to do what I love in a way that I love!
  6. Ice cream
  7. Reading in my hammock in my backyard
  8. The homey feeling of my house
  9. My family
  10. My heritage
  11. Walks in nature
  12. My iPhone
  13. Getting awesome free apps for my iPhone
  14. Art and handmade things of beauty
  15. Getting lost in a good book
  16. The color green
  17. My dear friends
  18. Gelly roll pens (fine point)
  19. Martha Stewart
  20. That Obama is now our president
  21. Flipping through Anthropolgie catalogs
  22. Black boots
  23. Collaging
  24. Crafting
  25. Waking up without an alarm clock
  26. Vacationing in relaxing, tropical locations (I would love to go back to Tahiti where Brian and I honeymooned!)
  27. Visiting New York, Chicago and London
  28. Finding a great piece of clothing on sale!
  29. Inspirational stories
  30. My self-care day
  31. Learning, learning, learning
  32. Ashtanga Yoga
  33. Laughing so hard until I cry
  34. Connecting with my friends from Leadership
  35. When my house is clean (preferably cleaned by someone else!)
  36. Meaningful, deep conversations
  37. Going on dates with Brian
  38. The feeling of accomplishment when I finish a project
  39. Generosity
  40. Authenticity
  41. Expressive Arts
  42. Co-leading the Creative Artists Community with Kathy
  43. My blogging friends and the Nurture Huddle
  44. Hanging out with my mucha muchachas
  45. Sharing resources
  46. Giving and receiving handmade, thoughtful presents
  47. Beautiful views of the bay or the ocean
  48. Cala lilies, sunflowers, orchids and Gerbera daisies
  49. Taking naps
  50. Understanding myself better through different personality typing systems
  51. Books, bookstores, the smell of a new book
  52. Handwritten type
  53. Getting compliments
  54. Cute aprons
  55. Japanese calligraphy
  56. Quiet time
  57. That I trust my hairstylist enough to let her do whatever she wants with my hair
  58. Going to museums
  59. Taking workshops and classes (art, personal development, etc.)
  60. Tempura udon
  61. Feeling productive and checking things off my to-do list
  62. Visioning
  63. When things just flow
  64. Massages – hot stone and Thai, especially
  65. Having good laughs and good food with my good friends from book club
  66. Really flavorful and/or spicy food
  67. Discovering new, innovative ways to do something
  68. Feeling in shape and healthy
  69. My Butler Bag
  70. Going for a swim on a hot, sunny day
  71. Random acts of kindness
  72. My fingernails
  73. Facilitating groups and leading workshops
  74. Seeing people living their dreams
  75. My wedding and engagement rings (coming from someone who for many years didn’t believe in getting married!)
  76. Eating really delicious food made by someone else
  77. Herbal tea
  78. Hot cocoa – Spicy from Bittersweet
  79. Slumber parties
  80. Winning fast-paced board or card games
  81. Japanese paper
  82. Meeting friends for lunch in the middle of a weekday
  83. My determination
  84. Laughing at funny childhood stories with my cousins
  85. Smoothies
  86. Finding just the right dress to wear for a special occasion
  87. The smell of Hawaii
  88. Ethnic candy of all kinds
  89. Feeling organized
  90. Blue skies, white clouds and green grass
  91. Having freedom and flexibility
  92. My Inner Muse
  93. Being part of Kiss the Paper
  94. My patio furniture
  95. My Jade yoga mat
  96. Painting
  97. Eating a delicious raw food meal at Café Gratitude – complete with the I am Elated Enchilada and the I am Devoted Coconut Crème Pie (I also love their forward-thinking business philosophy)
  98. Beautiful sunsets
  99. Watching aerial acrobatics
  100. Wearing inspirational jewelry
  101. Knitting
  102. Anything sweet

What are the 100 things you love right now?  What themes do you notice?  And how can these be clues to what you’re wanting to create more of in your life?

5 thoughts on “What Do You Love?”

  1. Fabulous post, Jennifer!! What a neat idea to come up with 100 things you LOVE!! 😉 I’m with ya on many of these – specially #20, #28 & #98!!!

    The “lovebomb” sounds fab too!


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