Vision Board Book Valentine’s Giveaway

This Valentine’s Day I’m raffling off a copy of “The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life” by Joyce Schwarz. This inspirational read features vision boards from more than 100 artists, including me!

In the book, Joyce shares her visioning method called GRABS, which stands for:

  • Gratitude
  • Release and Receive
  • Acknowledge and Ask
  • Be and Believe
  • Share

An important way to show gratitude, the first step in her process, is to start with appreciation for yourself.  Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, it’s a great time to practice self-love.  So, I’d love to hear… What do you love about you?

Here’s how the giveaway works:

  • Leave a comment below with your answer to the question “What do you love about you?”
  • All submissions must be entered by 11:59pm PST on Saturday, February 14th, 2009.
  • The winner will be randomly drawn from all submissions and announced on this blog by Monday, February 16th, 2009.

The Vision Board book also has a whole chapter about Relationships including how to vision finding love, strengthening your existing partnership and connecting with your family.  I’m looking forward to sharing this resource with you!  Good luck!

P.S. – Speaking about visions, I recently did a podcast on how to make your big visions real on the Big Vision Podcast with Britt Bravo.  Please, take a listen.

107 thoughts on “Vision Board Book Valentine’s Giveaway”

  1. What do I love about myself? I am beginning to see lots more about myself that I love.
    That I can see when I need change and find ways to do that. That I’m loyal and nurturing and that I see all that I have to be thankful for in life.

  2. This is so cool! Okay, what I love about me:

    1. I love my flexibility
    2. I love that I always learn the lesson
    3. I love that I have an open vulnerability but also keep myself safe
    4. I love that I have lots of friends that I respect

  3. I love that I never ever give up. I always get up, dust myself off, and persevere. I kick ass, nothing keeps me from trying and doing my best.

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