Secret #3: Following Your Fascinations

I’ve been so busy following my fascinations, that I’m now very behind on my Next Chapter book club and Goddess Circle posts ;)!  Some of the fun fascinations I’ve followed during the past couple of weeks include:

  • A circus yoga class (even though I’m afraid of heights I think it would be so cool to do some aerial acrobatics someday)
  • An intuitive painting class (I met Chris Zydel through twitter and was so excited to discover that she offers workshops right near my house!)
  • a 3-day writer’s retreat in Lake Tahoe
  • Had the first session with the new group that formed for my Inner Muse Group Coaching Playground.  It’s been so inspiring to see what these women are wanting to create in their lives.
  • Leading a book club discussion about vision boards.  We had a great group of women gather together to share ideas and provide support.
  • Giving a talk about goal setting with a creative twist at a Sacramento Ladies Who Launch meeting

One of the things that Gail McMeekin talks about in this chapter is how taking courageous risks helps propel us forward on our creative path.  I didn’t use to think of myself as a risk-taker.  In fact, I’m a pretty cautious person in general.  However, in working with one of my coaches several years ago, she pointed out that yes, indeed I was taking risks and putting myself out there.  And she was right!  My risks range from big things like quitting my corporate job or going on TV (my first time was with less than 24 hours prep-time!) to more day-to-day things like trying a new class by myself or following a creative impulse.  I love how much I learn and grow by taking risks and Risk Taking / Stretching / Putting myself out there / Accomplishment / Excellence is now honored on my list of values.

Gail also talks about how bolstering your staying power can give you the stamina and strength needed to get you through the trials of risk taking.  Here are a few of the things that I do to bolster my staying power:

  • Reminding myself of past accomplishments or how I’ve benefitted from taking risks before
  • Having people in my life who support and encourage me
  • Asking for help
  • Reflecting on positive notes and messages from friends, family and colleagues
  • Taking care of myself
  • Staying connected with my vision, values and intentions

3 thoughts on “Secret #3: Following Your Fascinations”

  1. You know Jennifer, you saying that reminding ourselves of past accomplishments from taking risks made me think of something….how fun would it be to make our own little certificate diploma thingys that list our risk-taking-accomplishments—like little awards–and then we could hang them up in our work space to remember during those down times.

    You got me thinking!!

    Peace & Love.

  2. hey jenn. i can really relate to these three things:

    Having people in my life who support and encourage me

    Asking for help

    Taking care of myself

    tyou again for opening your window of creative process and letting us peak through…. juicy as always…

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