Go Green Sangha Radio Show Tomorrow

Tomorrow from 4:00-5:30pm PT, I’ll join host radio Ananda Leeke and fellow guest panelists Jennifer Moore of Pink Heels and Alicia Valair of Lifestyle Design Interiors for a discussion on “Transforming Your Life, Career, and Home into Sacred Space for the New Year.”

You can listen to the show online and participate in a Q&A with the panel.

Go Green Sangha Radio features programs that discuss how people choose and incorporate mindfulness, green living, creativity, diversity, the healing arts, and service in their daily lives, businesses, organizations, and communities.

Hope you’ll tune in!

3 thoughts on “Go Green Sangha Radio Show Tomorrow”

  1. Hi Jen! I missed your part of the show because I was trying to listen through the chat room and it wasn’t working. I’ll have to listen to the first part when the recording gets posted. But I loved hearing your answer to my question at the end! 🙂

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