The Power of Creative Cohorts

My friend and fellow Lady Launcher, Cami Walker, was visiting from L.A. this weekend and recently asked me to lead a Right-Brain Business Plan workshop so she could make one for her new creative venture. We gathered seven other participants for a fun afternoon of visioning and planning. I wrote a bit about the workshop here.

I originally planned to launch this workshop in the fall. What I love, though, about having creative cohorts is that they are there to help spur things along! If I were just plodding along by myself, I would’ve sat on this idea for a few more months. I might have worked on the concept here and there and eventually set a date later this year.

But with a simple nudge and within just a few weeks, I’ve gained tons of momentum. By putting myself out there (perhaps earlier that I had originally planned), I now have new insights on how to improve the workshop and also confirmation of some other ideas I was tossing around. This weekend was a great reminder that creating is an iterative process. A process that starts with putting something out there! It sure helps to have a friendly catalyst nearby who can help propel you forward.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Creative Cohorts”

  1. that’s awesome, jen! i love how your friend helped move your vision forward quicker than you imagined!

  2. Your workshop sounds awesome! I’m so glad that you are getting rolling with things. Lately I’ve been reading about how there is energy in speed. That is, there is energy in not wasting time to act on good ideas. I can’t help but agree and you are a shining example of this! 🙂

  3. Hello Jennifer,

    I just love your Right Brain Business Plan concept! I am sharing your site with my fellow launchers (LWL Cleveland, OH) and bloggers. It is so inspiring and makes launching a lot more fun. As a banker (for now), I know a little something about business plans and absolutely adore the approach that you are taking, because developing a typical plan can be intimidating and boring. Your concept is very fitting of the ladies who launch lifestyle. Thank you for this service. I can’t wait to venture down this path of my launching journey.

    Best wishes and bless you.


  4. Congratulations on a bold start to an awesome venture!

    I’m learning more and more to dive in and learn on the go. Thank you (and Cami too!) for the inspiration.

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