Right-Brain Business Plan e-Book Now Available!


I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new Right-Brain Business Plan e-Book and guided visualization! This is one of my creative projects that has been in the works for a bit, so it feels great to get it out here (you can bet some beads went into the bowl!). I hope you’ll be inspired to create your own Right-Brain Business Plan after listening to the meditation and reading the book.

One of my cool take-aways from this project is the power of collaboration. I partnered with my friend and talented designer, illustrator and artist, Kate Prentiss, to develop this product. Instead of going it alone and feeling stuck or frustrated, I had a creative cohort to bounce ideas off of, to help keep me accountable, and, best of all, to have fun with. Our collaboration made the process that much more fulfilling and exciting and it helped to move things along a lot faster than if I had worked in isolation.

What creative partnerships do you lean into in your work? What have you been able to co-create together? I’d love to hear!

And, here’s a bit more detail about what’s included in the Right-Brain Business Plan e-Book:

  • 9-page illustrated, colored and hand-written e-book
  • 15-minute guided visualization to get you in touch with the big vision of your business
  • a link to a simple, “right-brain” template for getting started on the “left-brain” numbers

Price: $19.95

Buy yours today!

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P.S. – I’m off to Toronto for the weekend to help facilitate a circle at QUEST! I look forward to sharing my experience with you!

3 thoughts on “Right-Brain Business Plan e-Book Now Available!”

  1. This looks so cool!
    I hope you have fun in Toronto!
    My husband and I have been talking about going there for our anniversary in early fall.

  2. Congratulations on the launch! It is so exciting to see dreams turn into tangible results. The right-brain business plan is a brilliant idea and I’m sure it’s going to help so many people! You rock, Jenn!

    And I love the bowl and bead idea too – very inspiring and beautiful.

  3. Jennifer,

    This looks like a wonderful tool, thank you for developing something that speaks to our creative sides – I believe the sides that are used the most to help us succeed, in business or otherwise!

    I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to connect while you were in Toronto but I am so glad you met your long time long distance friend Jamie!

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