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A few months ago, the amazingly talent artist Jessie had blogged about her Buddha Bowl. Rather than getting crazed by a long to-do list, Jessie used her bowl as a sacred container for intentions. In yet another stroke of synchronicity, it was just around that same time that I started to use a bowl for a similar ritual.

I had been feeling totally overwhelmed with the many creative ideas swimming around in my head and feeling really frustrated that none of them where as far along as I had wanted them to be. My coach Marcy reminded me that, indeed, I have been making progress little by little and I would benefit from having a way to honor my incremental steps. She suggested the simple structure of a bowl and beautiful beads.

So, after I do anything for any of my projects, I place a bead into the bowl. Do a bit of writing, place a bead into the bowl. Get feedback from friends on my ideas, place a bead into the bowl. Research different raw materials, place a bead into the bowl. The repetition can be meditative. And it’s way more aesthetically pleasing than tracking the status of tasks in a complicated project plan! With my fresh start this past week, I’ve found myself placing a few more beads into the bowl (it had been awhile), so that acknowledgment of moving forward again felt fantastic.

If you’re like me, your mind probably quickly jumps to the next thing before you’ve even recognized what you just accomplished. This bowl and bead ritual is an easy way to celebrate each step along your path and to remind yourself that every little action makes a difference. Before you know it your bowl will runneth over!

What small steps will you acknowledge today? What’s a simple and beautiful way you can honor your progress?

4 thoughts on “Bowled Over”

  1. Wow, Jenn, I feel calmer and more collected just reading your post! I remember you telling me that you were putting beads in a bowl when I wrote that post and it was so much fun to actually read about your process. I just love your ideas and I am imagining that you are an absolutely incredible coach.

  2. It’s a small world, after all.

    LOVE this.

    I found you through Leah, who I “met” through my friend/former client/jewlery designer Maria, who I met when I first moved back to NJ and she came to my writing group(s) that actually began when I lived in CA and was the PR/Promotions Director at CTI, where I met Marcy through the Co-Active Leadership program where Ms. Marce first dreamed of CoachingToys and I now write for her Sparkers newsletter. (did you follow that?)

    Love seeing what you’re up to here. And I shall definitely start peeking in on you from time to time. With all of our overlapping connections, it’s Kismet. 🙂

    All the best,


  3. It’s a small, small world …

    I found your blog via Leah’s site (creative everyday) … which I originally found through my former client/writing group participant/friend Maria (of believe street jewelry) who I met at a NJ ICF meeting when I moved back east from CA … where I was the Director of Marketing/Outreach for CTI … and where I lived when I participated in their CoActive leadership program with the fabulous Ms. Marcy … (which is where the idea for coaching toys was birthed) … and I still write the occassional column for her fab newsletter. (did you follow all that?) (i’m not even sure i did …)

    I’ve been enjoying reading your stuff and enjoying your Bay Area/coaching/CTI/leadership-like references, but when I saw the Marcy connection, I couldn’t resist; just had to say “hey.” I’ll be checking back …

    All the best … yours in small-world-ness,


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