Girl Power

Last night was the session one of our January/February Oakland Incubator Intensive. We’ve got an amazing group of 10 women who are up to really cool things. We are in for an exciting and inspiring month of expanding visions, clarifying direction and moving forward! Having just come back from Ladies Who Launch leader training, I am raring to go.


My second dose of Girl Power came tonight. I just got home from the “Girl’s Guide to Kicking Your Career Into Gear” book signing where I got to meet Caitlin and Kim in person (photo above). I love that they bring a feminine perspective to the workplace and that their mission is to create a “New Girl’s Network” that blows the old boy’s network out of the water and helps us gals increase our confidence, fulfillment and prosperity in business. Their tips, stories and advice aim to level the playing field – no more women earning 77 cents to men’s dollar. Kim and Caitlin urge us women to ask for what we want, promote ourselves more freely and support each other. Amen, sisters!

It’s been cool that over the last couple of weeks I’ve been able to spend a little time with amazing women leaders of amazing companies – Karen Kimsey-House – the President of The Coaches Training Institute, Victoria Colligan – co-founder of Ladies Who Launch and now Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio of YMC Media and The Girl’s Guides. They are all inspirational and each are promoting strong female leadership with their own unique voice. What an honor to be amongst such tremendous Girl Power!

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  1. how cool you are a LWL leader! i worked with our local Ladies last fall and they totally rocked! i am so excited to see where all this girl power takes you. congrats! xo

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