We Have Lift Off


On Wednesday, the daytime September SF Incubator celebrated their final week together. All the Incubatresses helped each other with action items and provided contacts, support and encouragement. I’ve been inspired watching how all of them have really claimed their vision for their businesses. And it’s been breathtaking to witness the milestones they’ve accomplished in just four weeks. Watch out world!

Our lovely launchers pictured above include back row from left to right: Susan Meyer, Jaime Addington, Aurora Medina, Lindsay King, Megan Moyer, Pam McLaughlin, Jennifer Lynne, Allie Covarrubias (Bay Area LWL Director). Front row from left to right: Gina Wu, Britt Michaelian.)

All this launching has me super excited about leading the Oakland Incubator in November! Happy launching!

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2 thoughts on “We Have Lift Off”

  1. Wow, Jennifer, great photo of some spectacular gals! This incubator was really great, very inspiring and so helpful in ways both emotional and purely pragmatic. I look forward to an ongoing communication.

  2. Thanks Jennifer. I found so much inspiration in this group and also coming from both you and Allie. Thank you for showing us your own creativity and entrepreneurial drive! I look forward to seeing you at the LWL Live event in a few weeks! Take care.

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