Let’s Do Launch!

I’m always raving to people about Ladies Who Launch. I just love the positive, creative vibe of this vibrant group of women. Last night was the Launch Party for the Silicon Valley chapter. There was a great turnout at the Bryant Street Gallery and a buzz of excitement in the air.

Allie is our fearless Bay Area leader and she has enough energy to light up San Francisco. When she asked me last month if I was interested in leading the Oakland chapter, I was certainly intrigued! I went right away to pick up the Ladies Who Launch book to refresh myself on the Incubator experience and get an even deeper look at what the organization is taking a stand for. I devoured the book in less than a day. With every page I turned I said, “Yes! This is such good stuff! I love it!” Their message of feminine leadership and intuition so resonates with my coaching and creativity work.

According to the founders’ research:

“Women want to feel fulfilled, have fun, enjoy their femininity, and not sacrifice these desires for financial success. Women are redefining the very notion of success as they incorporate many elements, not just career or family, and want to be able to celebrate their personal creativity in whatever manifestation that means… Women are natural connectors, they derive fulfillment from relationships, and use them to move forward and execute ideas…Women tend to treat creative projects and new businesses like their children: they become emotionally attached.”

Their approach to embracing the feminine gives us permission to really go for our dreams, ask for help along the way and celebrate the process!

Allie invited the four Bay Area leaders together this afternoon for our first team meeting. I’m super excited to be collaborating with these savvy, fun gals! I know I’ll learn a lot and will have a blast along the way. And I can’t wait to get started sharing with other women the magic of the Ladies Who Launch Incubator program! I’ve been saying to my husband that I’m always having to drive into the city for cool networking events. Well, as they say a complaint is usually a request in disguise, so I’m loving the opportunity to bring this nationally acclaimed way of “launching” to women in my neck of the woods.

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