Glacier Bay

One of the highlights of cruising Alaska is viewing the magnificent glaciers from the boat. This morning we floated along Glacier Bay in the southeastern part of Alaska.

We saw Marjorie Glacier up close and even witnessed some calving. A thunderous boom was then followed by chunks of ice falling into the water. It was amazing to see the cracks and crevices of this giant masterpiece of nature.

Later we saw John Hopkins Glacier from a distance. With its winding path of ice it’s easy to imagine it carving away the valley between the tall rocky mountains.

There are 14 glaciers total in Glacier Bay park and we were fortunate to see four of them in this beautiful, pristine sanctuary.

It was pretty chilly on deck, so I was glad that I brought my super warm parka and bundled up! And that Brian was there to keep me warm!

He was using his huge telephoto lens and got some really nice detail shots of the glaciers.
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