Mush! Mush!

Today we docked in Skagway, an old gold rush town that was once full of brothels. Brian and I strolled the quaint main road in the morning. Since we weren’t really into buying furs or jewelry, Brian shots some photos of the town while I got in some quick painting.

In the afternoon we headed off to our musher’s camp and sled dog adventure. I’d been looking forward to seeing the pups all day!

The chorus of dog barks reverberated from the musher’s camp as we approached the entry way. Although we didn’t do the grand tour that takes you on a helicopter to see the dogs on a glacier, I still enjoyed the carriage ride through the woods. These working dogs, eager to run, jumped in the air raring to go. According to our guides, they are pound for pound as strong as horses and getting pulled along the trail by 16 Alaskan huskies, we could sure feel their power.

At the camp, one musher hailing from Massachusetts shared with us his tales of 140-mile a day runs with his dogs. His passion for these pups really came through and it was cool to hear about his experiences out on the tundra.

And then of course, the moment I had been waiting for… the chance to cuddle with puppies! I got to hold a really adorable Huskie/hound pup who really loved chewing my scarf, jacket and even earrings! What a cutie.

This picture is of a young dog named Silver. I’ve been studying how Brian shoots pictures of Emmett!

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  1. wow, it sounds like such a wonderful journey!! and those dogs are simply adorable. i just want to hug and squeeze them! 🙂

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