Sailboat Wedding

Brian photographed Scott and Nicole’s sailboat wedding on Thursday. Witnessing a touching and intimate ceremony on the bay… what a fantastic way to spend a lovely Thursday afternoon!

We sailed from Tiburon to Angel Island as we took in the the gorgeous San Francisco skyline and stunning scenery. We docked in Angel Island where they exchanged their heartfelt vows. And as Scott kissed the bride, a nearby boat sounded their horn to seal the deal!

What I really loved about this adventurous couple is that they were so present with each other from when they were manning the boat all the way through their ceremony to eating wedding cake together. Scott, Nicole and their family were tremendously gracious in how they so warmly welcomed us into their celebration. The love and tenderness between them all was so palpable. I also enjoyed getting to see Brian in action and to reconnect with the wonderful memories of our own wedding more than five years ago!

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