C.E.O. Women

In 2005 I started to do volunteer coaching with an amazing non-profit called C.E.O. Women in Oakland. They help to create economic opportunities and self-sufficiency for low-income immigrant women in the Bay Area through teaching English and entrepreneurship skills so that they can make a livelihood for themselves.


My previous client was a massage therapist from Japan who was building her massage business. I was always so inspired by her tenacity and courage given the many challenges she faced in her life.

I just had a call with my current client who is from South America and is starting her own jewelry business. Her dedication and passion are contagious and it brings me so much joy to see her putting herself out there and trying new things even though it can be scary! I am also so grateful to the fabulous women in my networking circles that have generously offered their time and support to my client. Their experience and insights have been invaluable to someone just starting out! Thanks Nicole Kidd, Liza Sonia and Keren Peled. I love how women support each other so graciously. You guys rock!

Also, at this past weekend’s conference, C.E.O. Women was awarded a grant from the eWomen Network foundation. It was so wonderful to see this great organization get the support and recognition to keep on making a positive difference in the lives of women!

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