Back to Bandha Basics


Now that I’m easing into my yoga practice again, I’m going back to basics. I can hear Larry asking, “Where are your hands and feet?” Reminding me to pay attention to my foundation on and off the mat. Where am I placing my intention and how consciously am I holding myself up?

I’m reconnecting with my drishti (sanskrit for vision or focus). Drishti is something I can easily lose sight of (pun intended!), especially when I’m in a class and going into comparison mode. With my home practice, though, my focus seems sharper. A soft gaze helps me stay connected to where I’m headed in my pose and in life. A great metaphor for clarifying my vision at the start of the year.

And, I can’t forget about breath and bandhas! Pranayama is the heart of the practice, linking mind, body and spirit. Engaging the bandhas (or locks) reminds me to come from my personal stake (what I stand for). When I come from my core in my practice and in life, I’m much more solid and grounded.

Having to slow down and be more conscious of my practice has allowed me to revisit fundamentals of yoga. I’m grateful for these lessons on and off the mat! Namaste.