Messages from the Universe

This week has been full of random messages from the universe. On Sunday, at the final day of the World Domination Summit, the above note was the Mondo Beyondo blessing underneath my chair from Andrea Scher and Jen Lemen. If I knew that my heart knows the way, I would live from more ease, trust, love, and openness. Such a good reminder!

This was on the sidewalk in front of my neighbor’s house yesterday. What love can you invite into your life? For me this is about deeper connection with my hubby, more meaningful connection with my friends, and developing new friendships!

This message was on a chalkboard in HUB SOMA where I gave a talk last night at a Fearless Women Entrepreneur Network event. My answer would be to trust myself and to have more fun! What’s yours?

One thought on “Messages from the Universe”

  1. What a special post, Jenn.

    “Your love is coming” clicked immediately for me. Thank you for delivering the message.

    Everything happens for a reason and the laws of the universe orchestrate happy mysteries in invisible ways if we just let go and trust.

    PS It’d be great if you could install the “Subscribe to Comments” plugin. 😉

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