Weekend Instacraft Project

This weekend I worked on a creative project I’ve been wanting to do for several months. My friend Julie got me this fabulous Pier 1 frame for Christmas and ever since then I’ve thought it would be the perfect way to display some of my Instagram prints. (If you’re feeling super DIY, I found this link to make a similar frame on your own).

The frame hangs in our bedroom and I love that I’ll be able to see all my favorite images right when I get up in the morning.

Brian helped me make and cut the prints. He’s much better at this precise production kind of stuff than me! We printed these a little smaller than 4.5″x4.5″ at 140 dpi on Ilford Galerie Pearl paper.

We did prints of some of my other favorite Instagrams, too. So fun to be able to hold them and display them around the house rather than just have time stuck in my phone. And I look forward to swapping out the current pics in the frame with different ones as I get inspired from new photos.

If you want to use a service to order prints of your Instagrams, here are a few options:

  • PostalPix is a free app that let’s you order 4″x4″ prints along with other dimensions.
  • The Boo Box shadow box looks really nice.
  • The free Postagram app lets you create and send postcards of your Instagrams from your iPhone for only 99cents each. I received my test one last week and it looks pretty cool. The photo pops out, too, so your recipient gets a nice little keepsake.

I’m “jennlee” on Instagram if you want to follow me (the link is to web.stagram.com – a fabulous web-based IG viewer). New to Instagram? Check out Instagram Tips a free app my hubby and I made.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Instacraft Project”

  1. Jenn,
    A weird question… is that a counter top in the background of the avocado and mandarin/lemon photos from your house? It looks just like my bathroom Formica counter here in my 1962 house in Upstate NY!

  2. Great project, Jen! Thank you for sharing! I just picked up your book last weekend…so excited to get started!!

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