Art Every Day Month 2010 – Days 5-7

I’m getting ready to head back home in just a bit. Yesterday was the ARTpreneur Conference in Cornwall Ontario Canada. We had a great group of creative entrepreneurs participating. There were photographers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, visual artists, designers, and a even super cool 16-year old boy who was a fabulous artist and quite wise beyond his years. Smart mom for bringing her son to expose him to resources like this! I was really impressed by how well the arts are supported here in this area. There was a whole panel on funding and how to apply for grants. And there was a $2000 grant prize awarded at the end of the conference.

I had a blast leading a Right-Brain Business Plan talk in the morning. Here’s a twitpic of me on stage from a cool guy named Joey that I met at the conference. It was inspiring to hear some of the big visions that the participants shared. And I hope I get to see some of their Right-Brain Business Plans.

Unfortunately my bag didn’t make it with me to Ottawa. I’ve been wearing pretty much the same outfit since Friday! Thanks to my lovely hosts here in Cornwall, though, I was able to replace some basics. I still have not gotten a straight answer about where my suitcase is. Fingers crossed that I get it back soon!

And since I don’t have a jacket, I’ve been mostly staying inside. But there are a few nice trees outside my window.

I’ve had a great time here and I’m looking forward to going back home. Gotta run!

5 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month 2010 – Days 5-7”

  1. sounds like a great weekend despite the lost luggage! i hope you get it back soon, as well as the story on where it went – that would make a great map!

  2. Sounds like a cool conference, I love the name and I love your drawings/paintings. It seems like every time I travel my luggage never gets there either.

  3. Thanks Jennifer,

    As the mom of the super cool 16 year old, I can say it was an amazing experience and he is still talking about it.

    All the best!

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