Art Every Day Month 2010 – Day 2-3

Here are my two little sketches for my Art Every Day Month 3″x3″ journal. I had an acupuncture appointment today, hence the human pincushion!

And yesterday I enjoyed a mellow yoga class. Felt good to be on the mat.

I’m lovin’ my mini sketch book. And I’m lovin’ using my iPhone to take pics of my drawings (instead of the laborious scanning like I did last year) and then post processing them a bit in the PS Express iPhone app. Much more streamlined!

And here’s an Instagram pic I took today at a used bike shop near my acupuncturist’s office. In addition to Hipstamatic, I’m loving the Instagram iPhone app, too. You can follow me on Instagram at jennlee. Would love to see more of my creative cohorts there!

4 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month 2010 – Day 2-3”

  1. I love your sketches, Jenn! After interviewing Leah, and watching you post about AEDM for the past couple years, I’m doing it myself for the first time. ( I’m posting stuff on Flickr, rather than my blog).

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