A Creative Space of My Own

Over the summer I moved my work space from the cramped and cluttered downstairs office I shared with my husband (see before photo below) to the guest/yoga/meditation/ironing room now turned bright and airy creative space. I’ve been feeling so much more focused and inspired now!

Here’s a peek into my before situation. I can’t believe I tolerated that tiny corner of such a messy space for so many years! I mean really?!!!… beauty and spaciousness are two of my core values and I certainly wasn’t honoring them here! My breaking point was when Emmett knocked over the waste basket for the bazillionth time and then fell asleep on top of the trash.

I started to collect images of my ideal space. I envisioned the creative space I’m in now and a future studio space outside the house. You can click the image above to see a larger version.

Now my piles of paper and projects are neatly tucked away in these fabulous boxes from Ikea. And I’m surrounded by my Right-Brain Business Plan. My vision board is hanging on my bulletin board along with my goal sheet and creative cohort map. I’ve also got my perfect customer profiles on display in my cool card carousel and one of my walls is covered with pages from the fabulous Paper Source wall calendar.

Plus, I still have room to do yoga and meditation. (Although I could be making more space in my schedule for that!).

At the start of 2010, I choose “grounded growth” as my intention for the year. Moving into my own office was an important way for me to honor grounded growth. And it symbolized giving myself permission to take up more space. During intuitive painting last year, I’d been playing with being big and taking up more space so it was cool to see how that translated into my work and personal life here.

If you don’t have a creative space just for you, I recommend carving one out for yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small area for now (maybe a desk or altar in your bedroom, or a corner of the kitchen) as long as it helps you nourish your inner muse. Decorate your space with whatever inspire you – perhaps colorful artwork, photos of your favorite vacation spot, candles, and flowers. Spend at least 10 minutes a day there to honor your creative spirit. You could journal, do art, or plan your day. Here’s to a creative space just for YOU!

9 thoughts on “A Creative Space of My Own”

  1. Congrats on your new work space, Jen. I definitely feel the calm and inspiration in your new office. Love the IKEA storage boxes and the large wall calendar. And what a great use of the card carousel. Is Emmet allowed to visit…as long as he stays away from the trash can? 🙂

  2. Good for you about being honest and brave about showing your before space. Your new space is beautiful and inspiring. I love the color of the room! What color is that?

  3. I love the transformation you did…totally necessary in light of the success of your RBBP book, the Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit, and all of those future expansions you must be gestating. But I also particularly love the image and photo of Emmett on the trash on the floor! He was just trying to get you to hurry up and get him some new digs!

  4. Hey Jenn: Do you have a source for your card carousel, or was it one of those lucky finds? tx deb
    And, like Virginia, I do love that pic of Emmett!

  5. Jenn, congratulations on re-designing your workspace into something more effective and inspiring to you! I love your green boxes and wall calendar. I really believe that an organized space can help our creative minds produce more freely… it’s like it gives our eyes space to breathe. Your before and after photos reveal quite an amazing transformation. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us! Michelle

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