Wishstudio: Give Your Wishes Wings

My pal Mindy Tsonas just unveiled her newly redesigned wishstudio, a gorgeous online space brimming with creative inspiration.

I’m blown away by this beautiful virtual community space that Mindy has created. It’s an inviting place where creative souls can gather and where wishes grow wings. Lovely! In addition to the wishstudio blog (where I’ve been a contributor for the past couple of years), there are now online workshops (I can’t wait for the wishfull*retreat happening at the end of the month), discussion boards, an inspiration lounge, and lots of other yummy goodies. Please stop on by and check it out!

Artful Blogger Spring 2010

The wishstudio is also featured in the spring 2010 issue of Artful Blogging. It was the perfect thing to snuggle up with while I nursed my cold last week. I loved reading about how the wishstudio got started and Mindy’s dreams for where it’s heading in the future. Here’s to wishes coming true!

2 thoughts on “Wishstudio: Give Your Wishes Wings”

  1. oh my! the home page for WishStudio is just beautiful! and so inspiring…

    i am working on creating a lovely banner for my future etsy shop and my blog and this one is very inspiring to look at! it’s generating some ideas…congratulations on your friend’s beautiful site! looking forward to seeing what treats she will be selling on etsy =-)

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