Practicing Grounded Growth

My 2010 theme of grounded growth has been a valuable touchstone. Whenever I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed out, I reconnect with my intention. Here are some simple ways that I’ve practiced grounded growth the past few weeks:

  • Practiced yoga at home. While I love going to intense vinyasa classes and working up a sweat, sometimes it’s more beneficial to do my own practice at home where I can follow my own breath. My body needed to slow down and I listened.
  • Took my pup for a long walk on the one day when it didn’t rain. We both enjoyed the crisp, fresh air and hint of sunshine.
  • Journaled in the morning.
  • Carved out focused time for my writing. My new favorite secret weapon is the cool tool Concentrate for the Mac which allows you to eliminate distractions on your computer like social media, websites, and applications. I’ve logged more than 12 hours of writing since getting it a few weeks ago. Funny thing is I discovered it on Twitter when I was supposed to be writing!
  • After a long couple days of intense work, I took a night off and watched a DVD with my hubby.
  • Took a yoga class today and loved that my teacher started us off with some deep breathing in reclining butterfly. He had us extend our exhale to help us ground and expand our inhale to help us spread out. A great physical practice of my grounded growth theme!

How are you practicing your theme for the year? What little things can you do to embody your intention?

One thought on “Practicing Grounded Growth”

  1. i love your list, the fresh perspective you took to overcome problems, and the lack that you responded to with self-care! you are truly inspiring in many ways!!! thanks for sharing this post!
    (and beautifulllll arttttt!!!! btw)!

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