Day 2 of Expressive Arts Teacher Training


Another colorful day of Expressive Arts Teacher Training filled with tears of anger, sadness, laughter and joy.  I’m learning tons being in my own experience of creative flow and personal edges.  This group is amazing, too!

Here are a few photos from today.  I used the cover of my class journal as a blotter ala my Wreck This Journal days.  I’m so grateful for the wrecking experience because had it not been for that I never would’ve thought to “mess up” my pristine journal cover like this!


These mixed paints look almost good enough to eat.  Mmm, sherbert, yogurt, frosting, tomato soup!  Painting all day has truly been delicious.


And these colorful mixing spoons look like yummy lollipops.  Great for bringing out the kid in all of us in the studio.

I’ve been having trouble getting a good night sleep since I got here, so I’m hoping my hour-plus yoga practice tonight will help me get some deeper rest.  And then another day of being in the painting process!

P.S. – Speaking of yoga, my Unfolding Your Life Vision podcast with Kimberly Wilson is now up.

3 thoughts on “Day 2 of Expressive Arts Teacher Training”

  1. yes … such yummy shots … impossible not to want to dip fingers into the colors and play. I love that you gave into the urge to “mess up” your journal. It is so vibrantly alive! A good reminder that messy can be productive, if not inspired.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures while going through an expressive arts training! I know it will be a tremendously rich and deep and fun and powerful and transformative experience for you. (I went through a year-long expressive arts training, too!)

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