One Person’s Junk is Another’s Treasure


I can’t believe that I’ve lived in Oakland for more than five years and had yet to visit East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse!  Well, last Friday my friend Julie and I rectified that situation.  We beamed with excitement as we read on the website, “Every teacher’s first stop and every artist’s second home.”  Since Julie’s a teacher and we’re both quite crafty we knew this could be dangerous!


While I’m not one to rummage through garage sales and flea markets (I just get too overwhelmed), I was amazed at the random and fun things I found at the depot.  You can buy scrap paper buy the inch, crayons by the pound, buttons by the bag and so much more!  I picked up a handful of those bright yellow buttons, a bag of cool retro book pages, an old UC Berekely newspaper from 1974, some upholstery swatches, a few sheets of handmade paper and a blank book shaped like a tag.  I’m looking forward to the creative ways I can use these goodies.

If you haven’t been yet, definitely check it out.  And of course while you’re in the Temescal area, stop by Bake Sale Betty‘s for the fried chicken.  Julie and I waited in a line that went almost down the block, but it was worth it for the delicious fried chicken salad, ginger cookie and lemonade.  (We rationalized to ourselves that the fried chicken salad was much healthier than the famous fried chicken sandwich!).  Also, my favorite yarn store, Article Pract, is nearby, too, as is my friend Danielle Fox’s beautiful new gallery Slate Art and Design.  Lots of creative inspiration along this street!

2 thoughts on “One Person’s Junk is Another’s Treasure”

  1. wait, why didn’t I know about this place? must. go. immediately. And I’ve been hearing about Bake Sale Betty’s forever, so I must go there too. This southern girl loves her fried chicken!

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