Wreck This Journal: Week 3 – Getting Messy


For week 3 of the Next Chapter‘s Wreck This Journal adventure I played with getting a little more messy.  I dabbled in food stains, dragging the journal and other fun stuff.

My partner in crime, Emmett, helped me drag the journal down the street in the video below.

We didn’t get very far before the string snapped, but the cover certainly got scuffed up. I think it ended up for the best that the journal detached from his leash. I didn’t think through the positioning and he ended up peeing on the string which was really gross.


I warmed up to the food mess by putting a few stains on my stain page.  Who knew that blueberry soy yogurt has such adhesive properties?  The pages were glued together after the yogurt dried.


While savoring a tasty raw food meal from Cafe Gratitude, I figured I’d commemorate the delicious lunch in my journal (even though it says to document your dinner – so rebellious! Haha!).  I smeared on some raw pasta puttanesca zucchini noodles and fake meatballs and garnished with a sprig of watercress from the side salad.


I took my journal with me to intuitive painting class.  Instead of using a paper towel to dab my brushes, I had fun using my test page.  I will continue to use this page for my paintbrushes for the rest of the book club.


My leftover paints made a colorful palatte for my handprints!


And finally after this week’s mess, I cleaned off my journal in the shower! Haha.  Really, I had been avoiding this because I hate water-logged pages.  Oh well!!

I love Jamie’s vlog post about attachment this week.  Great insights, Jamie.

24 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal: Week 3 – Getting Messy”

  1. Love the handprint page and I’m loving the videos people are posting…your dog seemed a willing participant! I haven’t gotten brave enough to do the shower bit yet.

  2. i loved the video but i kept thinking how i hoped emmett didn’t pee on the book! food is one thing…but…

    the handprints are terrific. i love the sp[irit with which you’re doing this

  3. What a joy to see our furry friend joined in for action. Hmmm … I’m yet to get the journal in shower … may be even the washing machine!!! 🙂

  4. LOL! When I started watching the video with Emmett taking the journal out for a walk, I thought of the pee factor right away! There is wrecking and then there is ew! hahaha

    Love the fingerpaints and paint daubs!

  5. I love visiting you for Wreck this Journal, Jenn. I feel like we’re getting to hang out and play together. Emmett is a major wreck star! And you’ve got amazingly colourful hands!

  6. The handprints are sooooooooo great! I’ve been avoiding the shower because of the water logging… but one of the other bloggers gave me an idea tonight that maybe I’ll soak it and then toss the whole thing in the dryer 🙂 Wooooohooooo, happy wrecking to you!!! k-

  7. I haven’t done the documenting my dinner page but you’ve inspired me to give it a try this week. Love the video.

  8. Your posts are always so gorgeous, Jenn. It’s scary-but-fun to imagine what it’ll be like to have all the color torn to shreds as time goes on… Part of me wants you to stop wrecking!!

  9. What great wrecked pages. Emmett must have wondered what was up. I can just imagine tying the journal to our cat! lol
    Have fun this week!

  10. Ooo… good for you taking it in the shower! I haven’t been that brave yet! My daughters are busy teaching me to be a little more brave with mine. The seven year old was ready to throw it in the river, but I was a little nervous of losing it in the fast-flowing water.

  11. i loved your video- your dog was a great helper! i loved the hand prints too. very colorful and fun!! great job with the wreckage! i have been afraid to take mine into the shower, but, i know i will have to take that step….thanks for showing such great courage!! wonderful!!

    Kristin P

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