Wreck This Journal: Week 2 – Creative Cohorts


What fun it’s been wrecking this week!  AND seeing all the other creative destroyers participating in the Next Chapter.

Reflecting on this week, I noticed that I stayed more in the realm of “art” making rather than pure destruction.  It was still quite a stretch for me to bend pages, to color with random crayons that I pulled out of a bag without looking/color coordinating (gasp!), and to add three-dimensional objects that make the pages all unwieldy.  For goodness sake, my book won’t even stay closed now – which I guess is a good thing… haha!

I also had fun asking friends to play with me, starting off with my friend Amy.  Amy and I met for the first time in person at lunch today and she was so sweet that she brought me a little present.  I opened it up to find that she gifted me with sparkly gemstone stickers (which was perfect for Wreck This Journal, even though she didn’t even know about it!).  I invited her to stick some stickers on the book.

Here’s my friend Amy “wrecking” my journal – isn’t she adorable?

You’ll see that there was food still on the table, but I wasn’t ready to document my meal yet. 😉  My excuse?  Well it was lunch, not dinner! Haha.


This is one of my favorite pages so far.  Once I started putting fruit stickers on, I had the urge to draw the fruit that went with it.  The Dole sticker just looked like it could easily turn into a banana!  And then I jotted down my random thoughts about the fruit.


Right before going to bed last night, I got inspired to do the office supplies page. So, I rummaged through our stash of post its, staples, paper clips and such.  The most satisfying act was making labels with my P-touch.  I also forgot how toxic White Out smells.  That, mixed with Sharpies might have added to the creative flow!


I decided to sleep with my journal before it got too messy and gross ;).


And today after lunch with Amy, I stopped by my friend Kate‘s house.  I handed her the book and asked her to do something destructive to this page.  She made me hang out in the bathroom with the water running so I couldn’t hear what mischief she was up to.  When she called for me to come out, this rogue seamstress and my Kiss the Paper cohort showed me the cutest sewn awkward heart.  I love it!

Given my resistance, it’s obvious that the next place to venture into is the gross land of food, licking pages and perhaps bringing it in the shower with me (I really, really hate it when my books get wet and water logged!).  Well, as they say, “What’s in the way is the way!”

25 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal: Week 2 – Creative Cohorts”

  1. You are very colorful and creative with your journal, thats for sure! The heart is sweet! I’m still not down with the food part yet — though I think I broke my book.

  2. Jenn…how fun is this!! I love how much you incorporated friends into helping you (yes, Amy is totally adorable), and I’m so inspired by all the post-it notes and office supplies. Loverly!

  3. A totally colour-full, play-full adventure! Your art makes me smile, Jenn. Looking at your pages I can imagine hanging out and playing with you! What a great way to create memories with friends!

  4. Good idea… to sleep with it before it gets all yucky and smelly! Love all your pages, especially the fruit sticker one!

    Happy wrecking.

  5. Loving the fruit page. I had the same idea about drawing the fruit around the stickers, but not got enough stickers yet! I might raid the supermarket later. I’ve also dabbed on some added ‘fruit stickiness’ which you can sniff and salivate over, but I guess that it’s a bit tricky to smell strawberries online.
    I’m visiting a creative design agency on Monday so thought I would take my journal along and let them doodle on it (or at the very least spill coffee) while I’m in my meeting! I am so enjoying this experience and sharing it with all you lovely creative people.

  6. I adore the color and the drawing but most of all is the sharing of wrecking with your friend. What a fun way to share over a meal!

  7. You’ve done an AWESOME job on your pages!! I love how you drew the fruit on the stickers page, and the sketches of your pillow with the zzz’s on your sleep page!! FUN!!

    Btw, Your friend is so COOL!! Love how she put the dark on the ONLY white page!

    Keep having fun!!

  8. LOL! I went back and drew some fruit on my sticker page too! I love yours! And your office supply pages are awesome! It’s great to see Amy having so much FUN! 🙂

  9. I absolutely LOVE love love your fruit sticker page!!! I think I might have to go raid the produce section at the grocery store because I only have one sad little fruit sticker in mine. Your drawings are so freakin’ cute. Congrats on pushing your boundaries with the book, I think you’re doing fantastic!

  10. I love the creativity of the fruit sticker page and the slep page. So colourful.
    Keep on wrecking.

  11. your pages are totally delightful!! i too love your fruit page-too cool! and your friend was adorable…and the stickers- perfect!! enjoyed your wreckage!!

  12. Your journal wrecking friend is adorable! “Wreck this sticker packet”- ha ha! What fun to include other people.

  13. You are so inspiring, Jennifer! I so love all of your pages – I want your book for myself 🙂 The fruit, the office supplies, the sleeping entry…so beautiful & fun & such a reflection of you. Makes me want to go back to my Right Brain Business Plan (which I’m so close to finishing!).

  14. I took my journal to bed with me last night – also before it got dirty and filthy. I didn’t put it under my pillow though – I put it inbetween my husband and I, about knee level. The cat slept on the book nearly all night LOL

  15. loved your video of your friend wrecking your journal. second week is looking good!! looking very, very good!!

  16. I just startet to wreck my journal. Surfing on the internet looking for cool wrecked journals i bumped into yours. It really looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    xx Tessa

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