Family Fun at the California Academy of Sciences

Four-story rainforest dome

My brother and his family were in town for Spring Break, so I spent the day with them at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.  What a gorgeous day to be in the city!  The sunshine and clear skies had me missing when we used to live within walking distance of the park.


My absolute favorite part of the museum was watching the huge, beautiful butterflies flutter about the rainforest dome.


I couldn’t believe how up close and personal we could get to these amazing creatures.


I saw one land on a guy’s shoulder.  It was soooo cool!

The 3-D bug movie was cool, too.  Unfortunately, I felt some motion sickness during the planetarium show, so I took the opportunity to take a quick nap. 😉


One of the amazing things about this museum is that it is an aquarium, planetarium, natural history museum and rainforest all rolled in one.  We got to experience the wonders of the earth, sea, sky and beyond.

View of the DeYoung Museum from the living rooftop

I couldn’t get over how clear it was.  All I remember when I used to live in the Richmond was fog, fog and more fog.


The living rooftop is covered with 2.5 acres of native plants.

All in all, it was a great day spending time with nature and the family!  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.

3 thoughts on “Family Fun at the California Academy of Sciences”

  1. Hi Jenn,

    I recently went to the Academy as well, and enjoyed it too, especially the living roof. I also got motion sickness at the planetarium, I wonder why they designed it that way. Anyways, Happy holiday weekend to you too!



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