AEDM Day 27: Food as Art

I rarely cook, but when I do, I enjoy going gourmet.  For our family Thanksgiving feast, I was in charge of appetizers.  So my art for today was my delicious sweet potato galettes with turkey bacon, sage and rosemary with a dollop of sour cream.  Yum!!

Before I go to bed, I’m going to finish my gratitude that I started this moring and will place it in my blessings box.  Ahhh, I’m full of good food and lots of gratitude!

2 thoughts on “AEDM Day 27: Food as Art”

  1. nuh uh, girl. no you didn’t.

    I’m afraid my family wouldn’t know what to do with that. So me and my mom would have to eat them all ourselves. Yumm.

    Food art? I made my grandmother’s rice, beans and meat stuffing. Or tried to. There is a total art to it, and I have not figured it out. But I guess in my trying to, I am drawing on history for my own food art. 🙂

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