AEDM Day 23: Little Knitted Bag

My mom taught me how to knit about four years ago while I was sick during Christmas.   My mom is always working on some knitting project.  I haven’t knitted for many, many months, but with her here visiting, I got inspired to do a little knitting again.   I know if I ever drop a stitch or get stuck, mom can lend a hand!

Today’s piece is a little knitted bag that I learned how to do a few years ago in a class.  It was my first venture into decreasing and increasing and is a great standby for when I want to have a finished product in a relatively short amount of time.  I still need to finish up the i-cord and the little leaf detail, but I’ll do that tomorrow.  Felt good to be working with yarn and needles again.  Maybe my next project will be the felted dog collar pattern from the teacher I took my other classes from.  I think Emmett would like that.

2 thoughts on “AEDM Day 23: Little Knitted Bag”

  1. Very pretty Jennifer. My favourite… mermaid colours.

    Your knitting adventure brings back the idea of when I used to knit. I was so content in allowing myself that time back then. Now I wonder if I could sit still long enough to knit. Very telling… a lot of running about, but not really producing anything. Hmmmm? More reflection needed on the Zen-ness of knitting. Thanks.

  2. Knitting makes me think of meditation. My grandmother Dorothy is the knitter and crocheter in our family. She taught my mom who passed on the gift of crocheting to me in the 70s. We used to have these matching gold and nay poncho sets with French tams to set off our outfits. What fun.

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