AEDM Day 19: Book Sell Sheet Part II

So, I kept the commitment that I made in yesterday’s post to spend the afternoon today doing work related to the book.  I printed out drafts, organized my book binder and did some writing.  I also did the second side of the future book sell sheet.  I based it on the format of the other examples my book coach provided me but added a creative touch.

Feels good to have made more progress on my project.  And as luck would have it, our guest speaker at the SF Coaches meeting talked about the process she went through writing her book.  She had a friend call her each morning to hold her accountable!  She also shared how she helped her clients finish their books and other creative projects by simply taking small steps.  It could be just writing one paragraph each day and then slowly working up to a page per day.  Or spending 15 minutes a day painting.  Before you know it, you’ll be farther along that you every thought you could be!  I like that approach.

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