Art Every Day Month 2008 Starts Soon!

Today artist Leah Piken Kolidas was a guest on our Co-Active Network Creative Artists Community call. She talked to our group of coaches about her Art Every Day Month challenge and how this project could help us explore and express our own creativity and how it could be a great structure of inspiration, support and accountability for our clients.  I’ll post a link to the recording soon.

I participated in AEDM last year and got so much out of the experience, including expanding my own notion of what makes art, meeting new creative souls and sparking a product idea.  I’m looking forward to being a part of this wonderful community again next month.

And in honor of being the artists of our own lives, I’d like to share a video that both Jamie and Jessie posted on their blogs recently.  It’s by artist and visionary though leader Jan Phillips author of Marry Your Muse, which Leah had recommended to me awhile back.

Hope to see you in the AEDM community in a couple of weeks!

3 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month 2008 Starts Soon!”

  1. tyou from my heart and soul. the post, video, and information about aedm are exactly what i needed. many blessings. peace, love, and creativity, ananda

  2. Oh yes…great concept! For those who do not like to meditate, art can produce a similar effect on their well-being. I know of several people who create daily mandalas.

  3. thanks again for having me on the call, jenn!! it was a treat!

    i love jan phillip’s artist’s creed (it’s in the book “marry your muse”). i’ve posted the words before, but hadn’t seen the video. thanks for sharing it!!

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