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In November of 2007, I participated in Leah Piken’s Art Every Day Month. The final two days of the challenge serendipitously culminated in a new creative idea that I call the Right-Brain Business Plan. Well, in the last several weeks, my Right-Brain Business Plan has generated quite a bit of interest – comments on my blog, others posting about my plan on their site, and those who’ve seen it in-person wanting to create one for themselves. I even recently worked with a client and her business partner to develop their own Right-Brain Business Plans. So, given the great response, I figured, hey, why not officially start a movement!

I’ve created a new blog called “The Right-Brain Business Plan Blog.” Please check it out! Stay tuned for more creative ideas for your business and opportunities for connection and community with fellow right-brainers!

This is NOT business as usual!

One thought on “Right-Brain Business Plan Blog”

  1. Brilliant! And brilliant slogan there at the end too! What great timing as we creep up to the New Year. I know that I’m really hoping to spend the next few days doing some serious envisioning for my business. I’m definitely popping over to your new blog!

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