Catching Up – AEDM Day 24/25


This weekend was all about catching up.

Yesterday I got to catch up with my college roomies. Matea was in Sacramento visiting for Thanksgiving, so we all met up at Julie’s house to hang out. It was amazing to see how much Carson had grown in the several weeks since I last saw him. We missed seeing our other roomie, Katie, who also just had her second son not too long after Julie. Times sure have changed since our college days!

I had no idea how tired I was. Upon coming home after the long drive from Sacramento, I fell asleep before 9pm and was out for about 15 hours! Yes, 1-5. Guess I had to catch up on some much needed sleep!


Today, I’m getting caught up on my knitting and on my AEDM and NaBloPoMo posts that I missed yesterday. Finished my second felted basket. I like how this one has more structure than the first one I did. I actually refelted the first one, too, and am happier about how it came out this time.


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