Cat Naps and Mini-Vacations


One of my favorite things to do is read (and nap!) in my hammock, especially on a gorgeous day like today. It’s like a little mini-vacation! I savor the cool breeze rustling through the leaves and the sunshine peaking through the trees branches overhead. My dog Emmett likes to join me outside, too (he’s known to sunbathe).

When my schedule gets overloaded with too many to-do’s and travel, I need to consciously take a break. Other clues include when I get cranky and impatient and start to feel resentful about all the stuff I have to do (oh, woe is me!). It’s not a pretty place to be. So what usually snaps me out of it is some nice, simple “me” time like a cat nap in my hammock.

The other day, I gave myself another mini-vacation by finally going for a swim at my local gym. They have a lovely outdoor pool and deck with a stunning view of the Bay. What a refreshing way to rejuvenate!

I know that when I take care of myself, I reconnect with my own creativity and I am able to be more available for other people. And that’s going to be really important given that I will be leading the third retreat for Cheryl’s Dreaming Big this coming weekend.

Here are a couple of great resources for creating your own mini-vacation:

What signs tell you when you need some breathing space? How do you recharge? What’s one, simple way you can you give yourself a mini-vacation this week?

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One thought on “Cat Naps and Mini-Vacations”

  1. What a beautiful idea! I’m going to take that to heart and spend some time on my deck! You know, I don’t think I’ve ever lain in a hammock – a situation that simply must be rectified.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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