Dream Box

My third Dream Box workshop at the It’s Yoga Teacher Training was with my biggest group there yet. There were twenty five yogis from across the country, Japan, the UK and Germany. I love how each group’s energy is so different.

I also really enjoy getting to hear about all the different dreams that people have. One participant wants to create a yoga village where yoga lovers can live, practice, commune and learn with minimal impact on the planet. What a cool idea! Another student created a very unique dream box that I wish I snapped a picture of. The top of her box had a bunch of cut out eyes layered over each other to represent her vision. Then, she decorated the entire rim of the lid with those colorful “Yes!” post-it flags from Lucky magazine. They reminded me of a feather boa – so fun and fanciful! And finally she lined the sides with pictures of shoes to symbolize the success she’ll have from her art. No doubt this creative gal will reach her dreams!

Whenever I lead this workshop at the studio, I’m reminded of how it is possible to have dreams manifest! I had wanted to lead more workshops that combine coaching and creativity, I shared that during my teacher training and lo and behold, this amazing opportunity was created!

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