Manifesting Your Dreams, It’s Yoga Style

Today I led a dream box workshop for this month’s It’s Yoga Teacher Training students. There were almost 20 participants from all over the world – London, Taiwan, Japan and throughout the U.S. – all with a passion for practicing and teaching yoga. We did a visualization of their inner teacher and their big dream to get them grounded in what they want to bring into their lives. Next we busted out the craft supplies and started to collage unique and precious dream boxes.

At one point there was such a feeling of flow in the room – with the rustling of paper, the clicking of scissors – the creative process became a group moving meditation. Very cool! The students appreciated having a fun, tangible way to bring all of their new learnings and insights together with their dreams of what’s next. I was so grateful for the opportunity to share this experience with them. It was definitely one of my dreams come true!

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