Right-Brain Business Plan e-Book and Visualization

The Right-Brain Business Plan e-Book and Guided Visualization

This product is perfect for you if…

  • You’re a creative entrepreneur
  • You hate the idea of writing a business plan, but know you need one
  • Numbers numb you out

This colorful, out-of-the-box e-Book, guides you through the creative process of envisioning your business and crafting your unique and personal business plan. It’s like having your own creative cohort alongside you for inspiration and motivation! Takes you all the way from the vision through the action plan.

Product includes:

  • 9-page illustrated, colored and hand-written e-book
  • 15-minute guided visualization to get you in touch with the big vision of your business
  • a link to a simple, “right-brain” template for getting started on the “left-brain” numbers

Price: $19.95

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“I tell ya, it makes a HUGE difference to fall in love with your business plan if you want to stay motivated and excited. And using your method has helped me fall in love! I highly recommend to everyone to stay in touch with your program and taking the suggested steps. Thank you for your genius Jennifer!”

— Bevla Reeves, Founder of HairConspiracy.com

“The Right-Brain Business Plan really worked the way I work – out of the box! – it took the chore out of making my business vision real and gave me the skills to take my vision into the world with more clarity, depth, confidence and excitement! The whole process kept me engaged, challenged and motivated (which is no easy feat!). Who knew creating a business plan could be so fun and simple! Most importantly, Ms. Lee understands the way my creative/non-traditional brain works and really set me up to succeed. It felt like she created the Right-Brain Business Plan just for me!”

— Grif Sadow, CPCC, ACC Personal and Professional Life and Leadership Coach, Grow Into More Coaching

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