Celebrating 2009 – A Year in Review

by jenn on December 30, 2009

in Year in Review

At the end of the year, I like to spend some time reflecting on what I learned and accomplished. First, I start making a list of all the things big and small that I’m celebrating. Then, I journal about what my big learnings were. I also enjoy doing something artsy and visual to commemorate the year, like the exploding box I made for 2008. For other creative ideas, check out my latest Musepreneur column on the wishstudio.

What I’m celebrating from 2009:


Personal Growth

Wealth & Abundance

  • Created a new illustrated worksheet, Your Life in Bloom.
  • Continued to make more passive income selling products.
  • Worked with a bookkeeper to help with monthly reconciliations and Quickbooks stuff.
  • Bought an original art piece from Leah at Blue Tree Art Gallery.

Health & Wellbeing


Physical Environment

  • Had housecleaner come regularly.
  • Organized my Unfolding Your Life Vision kit inventory in the garage and Brian cleared out a lot of the clutter in the garage, too. Yay!
  • Organized my craft area.
  • Got cracks in our stucco fixed so we won’t have any more leaks in the living room when it rains.
  • Finally put a new latch on our kitchen closet to keep Emmett out of the trash (well, actually Brian did this when I was at my wits end cleaning trash from the floor, thanks honey!). Also created a new system for our recycling because when Emmett couldn’t get into the trash can, he went for the recycling bin!

Fun & Recreation

  • Visited with friends in NY, Boston, and D.C. and had friends visit with me.
  • Met some new cool people online and in person.
  • Took a roadtrip with Leah, Melba, and Mindy to check out the Squam Art Fair.
  • Completed my year-long creative project, Kiss the Paper, with Kate and Molly.
  • Participated in Wreck This Journal and did my first vlogs.
  • Discovered new favorite art supplies.
  • Cuddled with my dog.

What are you celebrating from 2009? What acknowledgment will you give yourself?

Here’s to a rockin’ 2010! I’ve still got some year-in-review reflection to wrap up and then when I’m done, I’m excited to dive into Goddess Leonie’s delicious and dreamy 2010 Goddess Planner. These gorgeous and