Sparkling Sage Woman-ifesto

by jenn on August 11, 2007

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I’m a huge lulu lemon athletica fan. Their yoga clothes rock and I absolutely adore their manifesto. It’s inspiring, sassy, thoughtprovoking and cool. And it gave me fodder for my own creative project.


After recently reworking my life purpose statement, I also went back to update my detailed life plan. The plan is based on all facets of my life (career, health, money, relationships, etc.) and has actions and timelines for accomplishing my goals. I hadn’t looked at it in a while, so it was cool to see all the things that I could now check off. Like leaving my corporate job to go into business for myself, getting certified as a yoga instructor, and visiting Greece, Egypt and Turkey to name a few.

Reconnecting with my life plan energized me. I wanted a visual reminder of all the purpose statements I created for the different aspects of my life. The manifesto postcard proved to be the perfect medium. I did my own twist on it and am calling it a “woman”-ifesto! I’m going to put a few copies throughout my house to remind me of my vision.

What’s your “woman”-ifesto? How do you keep connected with your life purpose? What cues can you create to remind you of all the wonderful things you’re up to?

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